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Lane Norberg is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR. Growing up in Montana, he learned to play piano and drums, but didn't begin playing the guitar or singing until college. During these years, Norberg began to play and record mostly cover songs, but soon he was writing his own music and quickly began to gain fans in the area. After graduating from college in 2016, Norberg shifted his focus towards his music career, and got connected with Chris Cunningham, a local producer and musician. Cunningham owns Basecamp Recording Studio, a recording space located in beautiful Bozeman, MT, where Norberg recorded his first EP "Under the Trees".

The EP is now available on every digital music platform.


   Norberg's acoustic-pop sound is accompanied by lyrics that are thoughtful and often written from personal experience. His songs are driven by faith, love, and all of life’s ups and downs. In his own words: “I believe that music is a unique way to express the kinds of things we all go through every day. I want my music to be relatable to people, because I think you can really communicate an idea through song if your lyrics are believable and authentic.”  Musically, the songs are very approachable and easy to listen to, and the style is beautifully simplistic. 

Lane Norberg's music continues to influence people everywhere. Since releasing the

"Under the Trees" EP in Fall 2017, he has toured all over the Pacific Northwest,

gaining many faithful fans and listeners along the way.

Norberg currently lives in Portland, OR, where he continues to

write, record, and perform his music. 

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